olasail kudumbayogam
The Architect of Changanacherry Olassa Kudumba Charithram
The Architect of Changanacherry Olassa Kudumba Charithram
Adv. O.V Varghese
(1909 - 1989)

Kudumba yogam Changanacherry

The history of Christians in Kerala begins with the landing of Saint Thomas in AD 52 at Maliyankara near Kodungaloor. Saint Thomas was one of the loyal disciples of Jesus Christ, the saviour of Jews and mankind at large. It is believed that Saint Thomas was one of the twin brothers of Tax collector Mathai. Saint Thomas by birth had no formal education in his early life. He was a fisher man; he became interested in social work in his teens. In those days Palastine was part of the Roman Empire, where anarchy and corruption ran riot in its prime. Thomas was fascinated by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the lot finally fell on Thomas to preach Christanity in Kerala. Thomas began his mission work in Kerala. His teachings and miracles attracted the Brahmins and other Hindus in Kerala and they were converted into Christanity. He built seven churches in Kerala at Kodungaloor (Maliyankara), Palayoor, Kottakkav (Paravoor) Kokkamangalam, Kollam, Niranam and Nilakkal (Chayal).

He bestowed priesthood upon the priestly converts of Brahmins called Namboothiris and other Hindus. After his missionary work in Kerala he shifted to Cholamandalam. Finally he reached Mylapore and converted Hindus to Christanity. At Mylapore he was stabbed to death by an orthodox Hindu. He was buried at Santhom Church at Mylapore in Tamil Nadu. Life of Saint Thomas in different parts of South India is confirmed by historians on the basis of the historic songs like Margamkalipatt, Rambanpatt and Veeradiyanpatt.


52nd Annual meeting of Olasail Kudmbha Sanghadana and Inauguration of Olassa Kudumbam website was held on 17 April 2016 at the residence of late OP Philip (Kunjachayan). Rev Dr. Joseph Naduvilezham was the Chief Guest.

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